Is SkyWay a good investment?

Posted on Wed 15 June 2022 in Invest

Skyway is actually a fraud MLM company that takes money from investors in India by showing fake videos, audio messages and wrong advertisements in various languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Bangla. As per their website, they have collected USD $250 Million from small investors in India. Skyway website (www.

Is SkyWay an investment group?

Each SkyWay partner is a company investor. Our partners offer not just a third-party product or service, but the technology in which they have invested themselves. 71% of our partners reinvest received bonuses in the SkyWay technology.

Is SkyWay registered?

In 2018, financial regulators in Germany, Lithuania, and five other countries warned that SkyWay "is not registered as a financial services provider and therefore, is not allowed to provide such services in their country," or warned the public about potential fraud the company was perpetrating.

What is SkyWay project?

The SkyWay project is an innovative transportation system that will carry passengers and freight on a specially designed elevated string-rail overpass. The project involves the development of high-speed urban and cargo transport systems.

What is the stock price of SkyWay?

Stock market history BAYER (SKYWAY)

May 12, 202260.2
May 11, 202257.05
May 10, 202262.08
May 9, 202258.79

Who is the owner of SkyWay?

The Skyway is operated and maintained by the Skyway Operations and Maintenance Corporation (SOMCO).

What is Evorich investment?

About us. An opportunity to become a co- owner of the Global Investment Portfolio, most profitable enterprises operating in all segments and sectors of the investment market from basalt production to real estate, gold and synthetic diamonds…

What is Academy of private investor?

It is an online educational portal for training private investors. API was established on September 15, 2011 as a project to educate partners in financial and investment literacy, designed to help people become more educated and more successful in both investing and managing their finances.

Does Skyway have cash lane?

The elevated expressway is exclusive for Class 1 vehicles that are installed with an Autosweep RFID sticker, and it has no designated cash lanes.

Does Skyway Stage 3 accept cash?

Motorists with no RFID stickers, who insist on paying in cash, or have insufficient balance are asked to exit the toll booth and park on the side so as not to inconvenience existing ETC users. They are given the option to have RFID tags installed or reloaded, or pay in cash.

Is SkyWay listed?

Created in 2009 (Germany), SKYWAY own 2084 sister brands and 17128 competing brands. The SKYWAY brand is owned by BAYER, a company listed in Francfort.Stock market history BAYER (SKYWAY)

May 31, 202266.57
May 30, 202266.36
May 27, 202266.24
May 26, 202265.6

Is SkyWay a company?

Company structure SkyWay Group consists of numerous subsidiaries. The SkyWay Group deals with construction of the technology through numerous subsidiaries. SkyWay Group of Companies controls SkyWay Capital which was launched in 2014 to self-finance the projects.

Is SkyWay a technology?

SkyWay is an overground high-performance transport technology that has no analogues in the world. This is the speed safety, accessibility, effectivity and environmental friendliness. SkyWay is a stable basis for information, energy and transport networks of the new generation.

What is meant by SkyWay?

Definition of skyway 1 : a route used by airplanes : air lane. 2 : an elevated highway. 3 : skywalk.

What is SkyWay Dubai?

SkyWay Dubai is as new mode of transportation being developed by SkyWay Technologies in collaboration with Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The SkyWay project is an innovative transportation system that will carry passengers and freight on a specially designed elevated string-rail overpass.