What is the best investment in Oman?

Posted on Wed 15 June 2022 in Invest

Investment Opportunities

  • Pharmaceuticals & Retail. Muscat Pharmacy has the resources and infrastructure to obtain and stock products in the best conditions.
  • Hospitality.
  • Travel & Tourism.
  • Engineering, Construction & Contracting.
  • Trading & Defence Services.
  • Real Estate & Hotels.
  • Mining & Minerals.
  • Investment & Asset Management.
  • Can foreigners invest in Oman?

    Foreign investors are generally now free to establish a presence in Oman without a local partner, thereby reducing their costs and allowing them to manage their businesses with autonomy.

    Which business is best in Oman?

    Oman4 Best Business in Oman to Consider in 2022

  • Oil and Gas Industry. The first best business in Oman to consider in 2022 is in the field of the oil and gas industry of Oman.
  • Transportation and Logistic Services:
  • Digital Services Industry:
  • Mining and Minerals Industry:
  • How do I become an investor in Oman?

    An investment of at least OMR 500,000 in a limited liability company, closed joint-stock company or government bonds. Establishing a company that employs at least 50 Omanis (no level of capital investment is currently mandated) Purchase property or properties with a value of at least OMR 500,000.

    Is Oman a good country to invest in?

    Oman offers an ideal investment environment with its strate- gic location and its access to the markets in the Middle East, Europe, the United States, and Asian and African markets.

    How much should I invest in Oman?

    Minimum investment amount for Omani residents is OMR 5,000 (or the $ or €/£ equivalent) or OMR 400 (or the $ or €/£ equivalent) per month in a regular investment plan due to local regulations.

    Can a foreigner own a business in Oman?

    New Foreign Investment Law of 2020 The new Foreign Investment Law of January 2020 i) now allows 100% foreign ownership of LLCs and ii) introduced the One Person Company (OPC) or Single Shareholder LLC, which in principle can be setup for Omani and GCC nationals and foreign entrepreneurs alike.

    How much does it cost to open a company in Oman?


    Different Oman entity typesCostDraft invoice
    100% foreign owned LLCUS$26,040View invoice PDF
    70% foreign owned LLCUS$29,550View invoice PDF
    Free zone companyUS$29,800View invoice PDF
    Oman Sohar Free Zone company with General Trading LicenseUS$37,405View invoice PDF

    What business is profitable in Oman?

    Accounting, taxation and financial sector Opening an accounting or financial firm is one of the most profitable small businesses in Oman. Almost every sector in the country depends on accounts and finance, so starting a small accounting firm would be an ideal choice.